Basic Mistweaving Strategy

Deepwind Gorge


Basic - The Basics
As a Mistweaver you have two stances: Stance of the Jade SerpentStance of the Wise Serpent and Stance of the Spirited CraneStance of the Spirited Crane. Serpent Stance is for traditional, strong healing while Crane Stance is a hybrid between healing and DPS, that gives you the Eminence ability (Eminence: 50% of all damage is converted to healing). Use Serpent Stance when heavy healing is called upon. Crane stance should always be used for downtimes or when extra DPS is needed. It is also a viable stance to be in when you run low on mana because of three reasons:

  • Spells are cheap in Crane stance.
  • You generate and spend more Chi, which results in more stacks of Mana Tea.
  • Blackout KickBlackout Kick gives you Crane's ZealCrane’s Zeal which increases your crit chance by 20%, resulting in higher chance to crit extra Mana TeaMana Tea stacks.
Serpent's Accord

Serpent’s Accord

The choice between the stances is based on strategy. If you are familiar with the encounter you can safely switch to Crane stance when you know there isn’t any high damage incoming.

Mistweavers also have a statue called Summon Jade Serpent StatueJade Serpent Statue. This statue has two abilities.

  • It copies you Soothing Mist while in Serpent Stance, called Serpent’s Accord.
  • It copies your Eminence ability while in Crane stance.

The statue should always be placed close to the allies you want to heal. It has a 10 second cooldown, so you can easily move it several times if you party or raid moves. If you want more details on how to place the Statue strategically, read my article on the subject.

Always buff yourself with Legacy of the EmperorLegacy of the Emperor!

Basic - Stance of the Wise Serpent

As with all Monk abilities, your rotation and priorities revolve around generating and consuming Chi. These are the respective spells in Serpent Stance;

Chi Builder

  • Renewing MistRenewing Mist
  • Expel HarmExpel Harm
  • Surging MistSurging Mist
  • Spinning Crane KickSpinning Crane Kick/Rushing Jade Wind (Talent)Rushing Jade Wind (talent)

Chi Finisher

  • Enveloping MistEnveloping Mist 
  • UpliftUplift
  • Chi Explosion 2Chi Explosion (talent)

You want to constantly build up Chi in order to spend it on your strong Chi-finishers. Your spell selection depends on if you’re doing single-target healing or AoE healing, which I’ll be covering here.

Basic - Single Target HealingYour cheap Chi generating abilities are Renewing MistRenewing Mist and Expel HarmExpel Harm; use them on cooldown.

Cast Soothing MistSoothing Mist on your target. It does decent healing while allowing the following spells to be instant without breaking the channel:

  • Surging MistSurging Mist
  • Enveloping MistEnveloping Mist
  • Thunder Focus TeaThunder Focus Tea
  • Chi Brew (Talent)Chi Brew
  • Chi Explosion 2Chi Explosion

Soothing Mist does quite a lot of healing on its own, but at heavier damage use Surging Mist for stronger heals, and to generate Chi. When you are at 3 Chi, use Enveloping Mist. It is a very strong 6-second HoT used for strong single-target healing. If your target is affected by Enveloping Mist, your Soothing Mist does 30% more healing, so keep channelling it while the HoT is active. If you are using the talent Chi Explosion, you can cast it on your target while channeling Soothing Mist. It does some cleave healing to allies within 8 yards of the original target. However, only use it at 4 Chi (not before), or you lose a lot of healing!

If you lack Chi or want to be conservative with mana, use Chi Brew to get the extra Chi.

When your target takes really heavy damage, use Thunder Focus Tea (45 sec cooldown) to boost your Surging Mist. You also have Life CocoonLife Cocoon (2 min cooldown), a strong absorb shield that lets your target receive 50% more periodic healing. This means that Renewing Mist and Enveloping Mist are 50% stronger on a target affected by Life Cocoon.

Basic - AoE HealingOne of your strong AoE mechanics is the Renewing MistRenewing Mist UpliftUplift sequence. Renewing Mist is a HoT that travels to 2 additional targets. In other words, one cast means 3 players with ReM active. Uplift is an AoE heal that costs 2 Chi, and does decent healing on every target affected by ReM, to a maximum of 100 yards range which also ignores any line of sight problems. It is therefore best to use when you have a at least 6 targets affected by Renewing Mist.

If you are stacked, Spinning Crane KickSpinning Crane Kick or its stronger talent equivalent Rushing Jade Wind (Talent)Rushing Jade Wind are both strong AoE heals. They generate Chi as well, which contribute to your ReM – Uplift sequence. Rushing Jade Wind is particularly nice since you can do other spells while it’s active. The talent Chi Explosion 2Chi Explosion can also do AoE healing if you use 4 Chi on it and there are allies within 8 yards of the target. Chi TorpedoChi Torpedo is another AoE healing spell you can find in the talent tree that is free of mana cost (on the same tier as Rushing Jade Wind).

You tier 2 talents also provide AoE healing. Chi Wave (Talent)Chi Wave jumps between allies and foes, alternating between healing and damge. Zen Sphere (Talent)Zen Sphere is a HoT you put on a friendly player that detonates after 16 sec and does both healing and damage alike. Chi Burst (Talent)Chi Burst is a cast spell which hurls forward a bolt of Chi energy that both heals and damage enemies in its path.

Charged by Thunder Focus Tea

Charged by Thunder Focus Tea

Cooldown wise, you can use Thunder Focus TeaThunder Focus Tea for burst ReM spread. Otherwise you have your level 90 talent Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger (Talent)Xuen, which does eminence healing (no matter what stance is active). Xuen is a nice AoE cooldown to use when people are spread. Your level 100 talent Breath of the SerpentBreath of the Serpent is also a useful AoE cooldown if your raid is tightly stacked. But generally, you will go with Pool of MistsPool of Mists for raid setups. The 3 stacks of ReM and 3 stacks of Rising Sun Kick are incredibly worthwhile.

Last but not least: RevivalRevival. Your 3 min cooldown that does immense healing to your raid. Use it wisely!

If you want more information on talent choice, you should visit my Talent Guide.

Basic - Stance of the Spirited Crane

Crane stance is all about managing and monitoring your buffs and debuffs. These are;

  • Crane's ZealCrane’s Zeal (procced by Blackout KickBlackout Kick)
  • Tiger PalmTiger Power (procced by Tiger PalmTiger Palm)
  • Tiger Strikes (Passive)Tiger Strikes (procced by auto-attacks)
  • Vital MistsVital Mists (procced by Chi consumption)
  • Rising Sun KickRising Sun Kick debuff (procced by Rising Sun KickRising Sun Kick)

Crane's ZealCrane’s Zeal  gives you 20% more critical strike chance. Tiger PalmTiger Power makes you ignore 30% of enemy’s armor. Tiger Strikes (Passive)Tiger Strikes give you 25% additional multistrike for 8 sec. Vital MistsVital Mists can stack up to 5, and for each stack reduces mana cost and cast time of Surging MistSurging Mist by 20% (at 5 stacks it is instant and free). Rising Sun KickRising Sun Kick is a debuff you place on your enemy that makes it take 20% more damage of all your spells.

You want to have 100% uptime on Crane’s Zeal, Tiger Power and the Rising Sun Kick debuff. You have no control over Tiger Strikes, but be aware of when it procs and select your spells accordingly.

You gain 1 Vital Mist for every Chi you consume. This means you know exactly when you reach 5 stacks, and when you do use Surging Mist immediately. Don’t waste any potential stacks by ignoring it!

Personally, I favour Glyph of Surging MistGlyph of Surging Mist when I’m in Crane stance. Your Surging Mist no longer needs a target and instead a random injured target in your party or raid when you are in Crane stance. That means less target swapping!

Given all this, your spell priority is;

  • Surging Mist when at 5 stacks of Vital Mists
  • Tiger Palm for Tiger Power
  • Blackout Kick for Crane’s Zeal
  • Rising Sun Kick to apply damage debuff
  • Chi Wave/Chi Burst/Zen Sphere
  • Jab for Chi, or Spinning Crane Kick if you have 3 enemy targets
  • Blackout Kick as filler

If you use the Pool of MistsPool of Mists talent, you can replace BoK with RSK as filler. Also note that SCK only does damage in Crane stance and therefore only heal indirectly with eminence.

If you need Chi fast, you can use Crackling Jade LightningCrackling Jade Lightning. In a very short time it generates 4 Chi, but it takes a HUGE chunk of your mana pool. Only use it when you have enough Mana Tea stacks and time to regain the lost mana.

Basic - Mana Tea

For every 4th Chi you spend, you gain one stack of Mana TeaMana Tea (to a maximum of 20 stacks). When you channel Mana Tea, you gain equal as much mana as three times your passive spirit (in other words, procced spirit has no effect). To give you a sense of how much that amounts to, let me give you a comparative list;

500 spirit: 1 stack 0,9% mana, 20 stacks 18,8% mana
1000 spirit: 1 stack 1,9% mana, 20 stacks 37,5% mana
1500 spirit: 1 stack 2,8% mana, 20 stacks 56,3% mana
2000 spirit: 1 stack 3,8% mana, 20 stacks 75% mana
2500 spirit: 1 stack 4,7% mana, 20 stacks 93,8% mana

You probably want to land around 1600+ spirit for raiding (patch 6.2). You also have a chance equal to your critical strike chance to get an extra Mana Tea stack, which means that Crit has an effect on your mana regen. If you lack spirit, you can compensate a little with more crit.

In Serpent stance, Chi is expensive and you’ll spend less, which means fewer Mana Tea stacks. In Crane stance you generate and spend more Chi, in addition to the 20% increased crit buff, which means you’ll generate Mana Tea stacks at a steady interval. This is one of the reasons why it is beneficial to switch to Crane stance on down times; stacking up Mana Tea. If you are lacking spirit on your gear, you can compensate by going into Crane stance more often.

In hectic encounters, you’ll go through your mana pool pretty quickly. This is why it’s so important to channel Mana Tea whenever you’re given the chance. You don’t want to find yourself mana starved the second there’s high incoming damage. Make it a habit to channel it whenever you are not on full mana and have some time for it.

Basic - Healing Spheres

Whenever you heal an injured ally you have a chance to proc a Healing Sphere nearby. This is due to your mastery: Gift of the Serpent. The healing spheres does minimal healing if an injured ally walk over them, but they come in multitudes, which can amount to quite a lot of healing. They have a 30 second duration and if they haven’t been picked up by then, they detonate and heal an ally within 12 yards.

With your spell Healing SphereDetonate Chi, you can detonate all active spheres prematurely. This however costs mana and I only recommend it if you have plenty nearby the raid and AoE healing is needed. The spell can be used as a burst healing spell if you use it with Chi Explosion 2Chi Explosion‘s Healing Spheres.

Due to its dismal proc chance, mastery is however at the bottom of your stat priority.

Basic - Mobility

Mistweavers are one of the most mobile healers there are. Our baseline spell RollRoll allows us to travel a distance in a very short time. It has two charges and each charge has a 20 sec recharge time. If you quickly need to relocate, this is the spell.

Roll can be modified with Celerity (Talent)Celerity (talent) and Momentum (Talent)Momentum (talent). Celerity gives it an extra charge and reduce recharge time to 15 sec, while Momentum gives you a buff after each Roll that increases your movement speed with 25% for 10 sec (which can stack twice).

On the same talent tier, there is Tiger's Lust (Talent)Tiger’s Lust. It is an instant spell that gives you a 70% movement increase for 6 sec, and also frees you from all roots and snares. This is nicely coupled with Roll, and together you can travel a longer distance even faster.


Transcendence Spirit

An often forgotten spell is TranscendenceTranscendence. This spell splits your spirit from your body, leaving the spirit behind. When you use the spell Transcendence; TransferTranscendence: Transfer your body and spirit switch places. This is a very beneficial spell if you know you need to be in a certain place very quickly. In addition, with the Draenor perk TranscendenceEnhanced Transcendence, Transcendence has only a 10 sec cooldown and Transcendence: Transfer is instant.

Basic - Continue Your Journey

Have you studied and learned all the basics of Mistweaving? Then it’s time for you to continue your journey. Head over to the Advanced Mistweaving Strategy guide to take another step on your journey to self-improvement.

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